2021 Review in 100 Photos

A little look back at some of our highlights from 2021! Unfortunately since we can not share images of our foster children, this is the abbreviated version of the 2021…

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We’re Adopting!

Jason and I met our first week of college in 2001. We took many walks along Beaver trail which ran next to the Mississippi River, and discussed just about everything…

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Finally Finished

Honestly those last few months of home building I was so OVER the process, that I didn’t take many photos.  There wasn’t really a big move in day.  Living in…

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Siding & Final Grading

While we were working inside on finishing up, there was lots of stuff going on outside too. We had the roofing done by professionals who had it all done in a…

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Painting, Tiling & Shiplap

When we started building our house the framing and rough-in work seemed to go pretty quickly. I’m learning just how much more time intensive the finishing work is!  We started by painting.…

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Insulation & Drywall

Lot’s of progress has been made since last time I posted, so I’ll get right to it… Before we could insulate the attic Jason wanted to get the stove &…

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Ceiling Drywall

As soon as the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical passed inspection we started preparing to drywall the ceiling. First we had to vapor barrier the ceiling. Then cut out all the holes in…

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