Ceiling Drywall

As soon as the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical passed inspection we started preparing to drywall the ceiling. First we had to vapor barrier the ceiling. Then cut out all the holes in the plastic for the light fixtures, vents, etc. And tape up all the seams and any little holes.


We had a crew of family helping, so while one group worked on that, another starting putting in wall insulation. Jason had already spray foamed around all of the outlet boxes to prevent air gaps, so then it was just a matter of cutting and fitting the insulation. Pretty easy, just don’t touch your face or eyes…that stuff is scratchy!

Then we were ready to put up drywall. This little invention helped a ton!


Once you get into a rhythm – measuring, marking, cutting, cranking up the lift, making sure everything fits properly, then sinking in some screws – it’s not too bad! They were close to finishing the majority of the great room, so we kept working even when it started to get dark.


This is what it looked like Sunday morning! Soooo much brighter already!


Bob came on Sunday too, and we worked on the bedrooms & bathrooms…I just didn’t have my camera out at all since my hands were full helping them. And Monday Jason got home from work early and him and I were able to finish all the closets & niches! So besides the utility room, we’re basically done putting up the ceiling drywall.

Next up is going to be finishing the solar tubes, and installing the wood stove. After the stove is inspected we can do our attic insulation. We’re working on wall insulation too which has to be inspected before we can start drywalling the walls.

THANK YOU again to our awesome crew šŸ™‚ We couldn’t have done all of that so quickly without you!

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