Insulation & Drywall

Lot’s of progress has been made since last time I posted, so I’ll get right to it…

Before we could insulate the attic Jason wanted to get the stove & stove pipe installed. So we enlisted the help of my family to get the hearth pad and wood stove in place! It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be considering each were around 500 pounds. Now we can finally have a fire and keep the place warm!  This is a HWAM Classic 7 stove, imported from Denmark.


There is cement board under the hearth pad that leaves just enough room for our laminate wood floor to slide underneath the edge. After some searching we decided on a natural stone for our hearth. It was mined, cut, sandblasted, and chiseled by Buechel Stone. The color is called “Royal Beluga” but with several coats of matte sealer it looks almost black. We love it!  Of course I’m excited to get it cleaned up, like everything else.

We didn’t wait long to try the oven (a huge reason we chose this stove) and made a loaf of sourdough bread the next day…


When my parents were here we also installed the sliding door off the back of the sun room (which will lead to a patio and the backyard). The sun room is now significantly warmer than the rest of the house on sunny days! The day we installed the door wasn’t sunny at all though…we were knee deep in mud puddles. No joke.


Wall insulation & vapor barrier also had to be done, which is pretty easy to put up, if a little tedious.


Then it was time to start getting all of this stuff out of the garage and into the house…


Blowing in attic insulation happens to be a big fat mess to begin with. But the sun room ended up being a disaster. We’re putting shiplap on the ceiling in the sunroom, so we didn’t need to drywall it. And unfortunately the plastic we were counting on wasn’t up to the job. Yes, it all came tumbling down…


That is one mistake we won’t ever be making again! After repairing the plastic and putting up foam board to cover it this time, I took trash cans full of the fallen insulation and brought it over to Jason’s Dad, who was helping out that day by feeding insulation into the blower. Jason had the lucky job of being up in the dark attic blowing it all in place.

The other big problem with the attic insulation is that we ended up needing twice the amount that the product info said we would need! We’re talking a total of like 250 blocks of that stuff!  Which means I had to go back and forth to the yard at Mendards FOUR times that day!


Jason contacted the insulation company who confirmed we used a lot more than we should have needed. They’re currently investigating whether the machine we rented to blow in the insulation had been properly serviced. We’ll see what happens.

Finally – it was time to finish getting the drywall up. No taking short cuts through the walls anymore!




There is cement board behind the wood stove so that it’s placement can be closer to the wall. We used metal studs behind the cement board to decrease the distance between in the wall and stove even more. Every inch counts with a small floor plan, right?

And the rectangle holes you see in the drywall on the left…those are for Jason’s speakers that just arrived. They look a little big to me, but he says that with the sound system you either go big or go home. Lol. I do like that they’ll be mounted IN the wall, so they won’t be taking up space which is good.

After all of the drywall was in place, mudding started. Officially my least favorite part of building a house. Jason did the hard part – all of the seems and corners…


I started by mudding the screw holes in “the field”…


Then I started the dreaded process of sanding. I have about 1/4 of it done. Jason just finished up all of the mudding yesterday, so we have at least a few more days of sanding left. But it’s looking pretty good already!


Looking west towards the back yard.



Standing in the kitchen looking towards the guest bedrooms & bathroom.


Standing in the living room looking towards the kitchen.




Master Bathroom & Closet (the green drywall is mold resistant)


Living Room

Next up will be priming and painting!! It’s starting to get real…


3 thoughts on “Insulation & Drywall

  1. Wow! It looks great! Getting closer and closer to the finish line! Will we be having a big open house party when it’s all done?!

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