Painting, Tiling & Shiplap

When we started building our house the framing and rough-in work seemed to go pretty quickly. I’m learning just how much more time intensive the finishing work is!  We started by painting. Well, priming everything first, then 2 coats on the ceilings and finally 2 coats on the walls.

Choosing colors was difficult, but we invested in samples to paint on the walls which really helped!  Here is what we ended up going with…

final house colors

After painting we prepared for shiplap. If you watch Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna then you already know what shiplap is 🙂  We had always liked the idea of shiplap, and really lucked out when our neighbors came across some white pine locally that needed to be cut down.  Our neighrboor Dave cut, dried, and planed a whole bunch of it so we could turn it into shiplap!

Once we had the boards we had to run them through the table saw to cut them to size. Then we had to route each side so they overlap when installed (allowing for the natural expansion & contraction of the wood).



To finish the shiplap boards we stained them in Minwax “Classic Gray” and then polyurethaned them twice with a water based satin varnish. And this is only the first batch of boards!


While I was initially set on having white painted shiplap for more of the modern farmhouse feel, we ended up staining our boards so we could see the beautiful wood grain. They look a little more rustic, and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out…


After painting it was time to start tiling. We found a dark gray slate tile from Home Depot that we decided to do the bathroom, sunroom, and mudroom floors in.


Then it was on to tiling the guest bathtub surround and master shower walls.  We chose a larger subway tile, but wanted to do a more modern pattern, so we decided to “stack” them for a clean-lined look.



We used the same subway tile in a stacked pattern in the master shower, but with a different accent tile and pattern using natural stones that should tie in really nicely with the slate floor.


While Jason worked on tiling (there are SO many steps!), I started painting our trim white. 4 coats later…then on to another batch!


Once the window trim was painted Jason started casing the windows. We’re doing a simple craftsman style casing. The window casing is exciting to see go up since it really finishes the look of the walls!  But it takes some time to get right, and now I see why Jason bought so many shims…


There are lots of other little things we’ve been working on.  Jason shipplapped all of the niches and installed lots of the lighting, and my Dad put in the ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms.



Mason came to visit and used our stack of flooring as a couch. Then he helped move some of those heavy boxes of wood flooring inside to acclimate!


image5 (2)


Libby supervised.

And while all of this was going on, we also had other contractors here finishing up what they could with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and outside landscaping.  This was the day they ran the water up to the house!




The chicken was brave and flew over the trench when she got stuck on the other side. Or maybe she was just hungry and wanted the food over on this side. Yeah, I think that was probably it.

With water all hooked up and the hot water heater running, we FINALLY have our washer & dryer going which feels awesome! More appliances will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. We’re hoping to have the wood flooring down by then.

Siding is coming soon as well!  In preparation for siding we put up strapping.  The strapping (“furring strips”) provides the vinyl siding secure wood strips to be attached to. And since we have 2″ of foam insullation, they had to be secured with 5″ screws!  That was a long day!




Our goal is to have the wood flooring and siding done in the next month, leaving cabinets, countertops, sinks & finishing touches for July, and hopefully we’ll be moving in come August!





2 thoughts on “Painting, Tiling & Shiplap

  1. Hi guys looks like you have done mounds of work! I am exhausted just reading and enjoying the photos!

    What a nice album you have of constructing your home too. It looks so nice. When you finally sit down to enjoy it you can be very proud of your work and Reminisce the time spent along with family.

    Your stove looks awesome. It will warm he whole house it is huge! I like that You can bake in it too.

    Best to you and family as you come into the home plate😊. Almost done.

    Nancy Lins


  2. Everything looks great. You are all working really hard and I know it will be worth it. Can’t wait to visit!

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