Finally Finished

Honestly those last few months of home building I was so OVER the process, that I didn’t take many photos.  There wasn’t really a big move in day.  Living in the studio just next door made the process a little different because it was so gradual.  We were living in limbo for a couple months while things were finished and we figured out where we wanted everything to go.

We’re still not nearly done decorating, and are still using all of our old furniture, but we’re not in a hurry to have everything perfect.  Right now we’re just enjoying being finished with the building process!

Here is a little tour via photos!

When you walk into our front door, you enter into our sunroom.  This is not only our favorite room in the whole house (we love watching the birds from here!), it also is south facing, so it helps heat our house in the winter!


From the sunroom there is a custom built 5′ pocket door.  Jason had to make this since 5 foot pocket doors aren’t exactly standard. Through this door you enter the main part of our house.  The dining table is in the middle, with the kitchen on the east side and the living room on the west side (perfect for watching sunsets in the evening).


We chose silver cloud granite to use throughout the main part of the house – it’s a beautiful mix of whites and grays that is neutral but not too plain since it has a lot of movement. It’s really the only granite we both agreed upon in our budget. And we love how it ties in the white main cabinets with the charcoal island cabinetry.


We chose stainless steel appliances and a marble mosaic backsplash in the kitchen.



We love the view out the back window, especially since Jason put bird feeders out : ) At the back (west side) of the house, off of the living room, is the master suite.


Coming from the bedroom into the bathroom, our master closet is on the right.  We toyed with the idea of purchasing a closet system, but they are so expensive for what you get that we decided to build our own.  It was the right choice – we could make exactly what we wanted and needed, even though it would have been faster to buy something.


A lot of people might put double sinks in a bathroom this size, but we prefer the extra countertop and storage space, and so far have not been bothered at all by having only one sink! Jason made the barnwood frames for our bathroom mirrors, and also the towel bar hangar shelves to match.


Zero curb showers are one of SAL’s specialties, and with an accessible house of course we wanted one in our master suite!  Friends joke this is the “group shower” since it’s big enough to shower 4 – 6…if only we had installed an extra shower head!  lol.  Next house?


At the opposite end of the house (the east side) are two guest rooms and a guest bathroom. Some day one of these will be a kids room, and the other I’m using as a home office for now. Guests are welcome!


And finally, across from the kitchen you can enter and exit the house through the mudroom and laundry room into the garage. We opted to stack our washer & dryer to leave more room for a bench.


That is it!  Outdoor photos coming later this year!

3 thoughts on “Finally Finished

  1. Rebecca and Jason what a beautiful home! You two are amazing together. What a labor of intensity and love for each other and what you two want together. We wish you many years of happiness.

    Nancy Lins Enjoy your day


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