Siding & Final Grading

While we were working inside on finishing up, there was lots of stuff going on outside too. We had the roofing done by professionals who had it all done in a day! Then final grading which was so fun to watch!  Those huge piles of dirt in the front and back yards were there all winter, so it was nice to see the final landscape start taking shape.




The chickens LOVED the fresh dirt that the workers exposed for them!


There was also more gravel brought in to finish the driveway area.


And finally it was time for us to get some siding up!


We had the garage door installed a few weeks later, and then spent much of 2018 working on the landscaping.  I don’t have outdoor photos done yet, but plan on taking them this June so you can see what it all looks like with the patio, railroad tie pathways, trees & plants in!

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